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Thursday, August 06, 2009



When I lived in South China, where eating dog seems to be more prevalent than here in the North, I was amused at the proliferation of doggy-care boutiques. Some of my Chinese neighbors pampered their dogs, and some ate them.

And one person's meat is another's disgust. A friend of mine is from Michigan, a hunter like many men from Michigan. His mother-in-law was visiting one winter from Hunan province. He brought out some venison steaks for dinner. The mother-in-law was delighted; she asked, "are we having horse?" she asked. Her daughter explained that, no, it was meat from a deer that her husband had shot himself. The mother-in-law's anticipation turned to a polite decline. She was NOT going to eat any wild game.


Sorry you feel that way, I grew up overseas, born in Indonesia, lived in Holland, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Germany. I have been to all countries in Western Europe, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Macau, Bahamas, Fiji, Tahiti, Iraq, Iran, whew, makes me tired just thinking about it. I am used to and understand others point of view. If you thought I was referring to ALL Asians I apologize for that. There are some really nice people that are active in animal rescue and education regarding the consumption of companion animals. Personally I would like that NO animals are harmed for food (vats with culture grown meat?). I acknowledge that there are many things eaten in one place that are not eaten in another. Some (as your mother-in-law indicated) are not appetizing. Kim-Chee comes first to mind followed by Nuoc Nam. All that being said there are laws in this country (not always complied with I grant you) regarding the treatment of animals destined for the dinner table. Not so in many other places. Just view some of the videos that I sent links to. (I did notice that they are gone!). I suppose my views might be tempered a bit if these animals were slaughtered humanely. They are not. Some Korean people that eat dog believe that if the dog is beaten to death the meat has a better flavor. No amount of discussion about the relative mores in one country or another will ever lead me to accept that. It is just unneeded cruelty propagated by complete ignorance. The French force feed geese to produce fois-de-gras. I find that unacceptable as well. The very least we can do if we are going to eat these animals is to treat them humanely. Lots of studies regarding the relationship between wanton cruelty to animals and various forms of inappropriate behavior. Although we keep birds, how many people think of chickens as companion animals? How many think of pigs as companion animals? Some I trust but not many. And I will presume to say that MOST Americans would find the eating of dog repugnant. If you wish to publish my email address feel free. I am willing to debate anyone regarding this issue. As you can tell I am quite passionate about it. So, here it is stuffit@gator.net. Thanks!


My apologies, the video links are still there. My error.

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