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Tuesday, August 04, 2009



The dog dish looked good.

Just remember, your stomach doesn't know the difference. Just yor brain.


Nonetheless, the eating of companion type animals, dog, cat, hamster, etc is anathema in the west. We find it disgusting and has a definite bearing on our view of asian people/culture. Before you partake in this repugnant practice look at these websites.


Still enjoy eating dog?

Billy Bob

Whaaaaa? Since when is it not ok to eat dem dogs hur in America? I was drivin ma truck down that there road the other day and ran me one over and threw that sucker in the back of the truck and grilled him later when I got home. Taste like chicken! Don't knock it till you try it!


Phil, what do you mean by "our view of asian people/culture?"

I assume you are an American who has a holier than thou view of American people/culture. That somehow however WE (I am one of you)do things here should be the way to do things all over the world.

In America, scream and shout what you think is RIGHT, but I say within the context of China

--Smile and don't eat it
--Don't place your values and morals above another
--And just basically, shut the f!@# up. People like you mess up a good time.


Dog is good. Korean style spicy dog meat soup can be a great friend on cold winter nights!

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